What is
Angel Aligner Pro?

Angel Aligner Pro is a series of custom-made removable clear orthodontic aligners that gently move the patient's teeth into the proper position over time. It uses innovative masterMulti technology and is a newly-developed more efficient clear aligner treatment option. The "7+3" dual aligner solution can decrease the length of your treatment and improve treatment efficiency. Angel Aligner Pro redefines invisible orthodontic treatment, creating beautiful smiles in a comfortable and efficient way.


7+3 days dual-material treatment consisting of two sets of aligners at each stage delives faster alignment without compromise.

Two types of aligner materials complement each other prefectly, and can improve orthodontic efficiency.

MCS 7 days wear, taking full advantage of the excellent mechanical expression of the material and the superior mechanical decay curve
MC 3 days wear, the heavier force generated by material, shorten the treatment time by providing more orthodontic strength in a short period

Advanced & Innovative Technology To Create Beautiful Smiles

The Intelligent Root System allows more comprehensive diagnosis and helps your doctor provide a safer and more precise treatment.

The angelButton is the world's first integrated button for elastic wearing, which can reduce revisit frequency and provide better comfort for patients.

The A6 mandibular advancement solution can help efficiently resolve deep overjets or retrusive lower jaws.

The self-adaptive material realizes intelligent control on tooth movement.

masterControl S has the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility to effectively manage different types of tooth movements. Treatment efficiency is greatly improved and provides excellent patient comfort throughout treatment.

Gentle and constant force provides more comfortable experience.

High elasticity and improved memory materials create gentle and constant force to provide more accurate tooth movement and better comfort for patients.

360 fitting,
delivers superior comfort.

Exceptional elasticity, every tooth is well fitted to provide excellent comfort.

Fully trimmed aligner for better comfort

The edge of the aligner is expertly trimmed and polished along the patients teeth to provide precise control and superb comfort.

Easy to wear

masterControl S is a flexible and patient friendly material, making it easy to put on and remove aligners.

Nearly invisible

Multi-layer light diffusion, combined with an anti-reflective surface makes the aligner virtually invisible.